Hi, my name is Savva and I am passionate about watercolour.

I guess a quick glimpse of my site will tell you that I love landscapes, old towns and villages, street scenes, cafe’s, water scenes and generally people doing what they do every day in their own part of the world.

I am not too fussed about modern buildings or glossy surroundings or tearing down full of character and charm buildings to make way for highrise. On the contrary I find the invasion of the modern and the latest most of the time exasperating. It makes me want to escape to any place as long as it’s grounded and can accommodate both the new with the old with kindness and a soft heart.

Yes I guess I am nostalgic and as such I can’t avoid but make it a big part of my paintings. If I was to paint a recently built mansion with all the latest modern lines, I would still make it look like it’s 200 years old with all the character and atmosphere to match.

There’s two more things that I love with equal passion, and that is atmosphere  and mood. I can’t say that I achieve them both with every painting, but when I do, the resulting piece has such a direct connection to my heart, that gives me the fuel I need to continue and a satisfaction that is unsurpassed.

One last thing, thank you for visiting my site and I hope you feel some of that passion and atmosphere in my work. If you have any comments or suggestions please let me know via the contact page.

Savva with a brush in one hand and a coffee in the other…

savva watercolour artist

Savva is a master of the watercolour medium. His impressive achievements and success, is due to his ability to capture and portray the mood, light and atmosphere in his paintings with clean, decisive and passionate brushstrokes.
Covering a wide variety of subjects, his sensitive, impressionistic and atmospheric watercolour paintings have captured peoples hearts, galleries and collectors from all around the world.

His photographic background, exceptional drawing skills and a natural talent towards the arts from a very early age, has made him proficient in any medium. However, his incredible passion for watercolours has elevated him to become a unique master of that medium.

His deep connection and affection to everyday life, comes through loud and clear in his strong with visual impact landscapes, atmospheric almost nostalgic rural life and his colourful, full of character and life urban scenes.

It is his passion for watercolour that inspires and fuels him on, to explore new subjects and fresh ways to express his vision. Always ready to experiment with new approaches and above all have the strength to resist falling into a safe pattern.

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Rik1 Live interview on the “Kali sas mera” morning show with Savva Savva – Watercolour Painter.

A big thank you to ANT1 and Afroditi for the wonderful interview. It just went online today


A recent interview with SBS and Steve Hatzimanolis.

Born in Australia, artist Savva Savva has travelled the world as a photographer. However, he has now dedicated his talents to painting Cyprus and promoting its beauty. Savva spoke to Steve Hatzimanolis about his life and his new artistic venture.